Friday, October 06, 2006

#15 Kenilworth Game 30 - week 1

Ari Minkov & Ted Mann (2-0) are tied for 1st after 2 rounds of the Kenilworth G/30 swiss. Ed Selling & Pat Mazzillo share 3rd (1-1). There are but 6 players in the event, compared to the 11 that took part in last year's G/30.

Minkov, the defending champion, escaped a bad opening in the 1st contest & a lost position in his 2nd. Just 1 of the 6 games played lasted more than 26 moves.
You can play thru all of them online or download a PGN file with them.

I've annotated 1 game thus far & will upload notes to the others as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Wednesday night's storm knocked my phone line out & it won't be fixed until Sunday afternoon. I had to submit this report from a local library.

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