Sunday, August 05, 2007

#181 Turnpike Simul

Yesterday, on the long trip to the U.S. Open in Cherry Hill, I passed time & kept my mind busy by playing a simul vs. Don Varneckas & Rooney Simonaitis. My game with the latter (a loss) was a blindfold affair!

after 19...g6??

White to win

Here are both parties in
Java-replay & PGN.

Thanks to Ziggy Bliznikas for allowing me to tag along & apologies to Ari Minkov & Don for making their ride crowded & uncomfortable.

BTW, Maraj Daftani, David Grasso (Roselle CC), Jonathan Cohen, Bill Cohen (Westfield CC), Don Carrelli (Checkmate CC) Mike Wojcio (Kenilworth CC) & Glen Hart are among the locals playing in the Open.

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