Tuesday, October 02, 2007

#202 Westfield Championship Underway

NM Peter Radomskyj, NM Todd Lunna, expert Jonathan Cohen & Lev Zilbermintz were among the 1st-round winners in the Westfield CC Championship, which started Sunday 9/30.

Pat Mazzillo, Tim Hall & Bill Cohen are also among the 14 playing in the 4-week swiss, which will run thru October 21st.

Pat & Tim were in the midst of an unbalanced Rook ending when I left. If any one knows what happened in their game or has results of the 2 other contests, please leave a comment.


Michael Goeller said...

Welcome back to blogging! Hope the move went well. I have a quick request: can you try to cover Steve's lecture Thursday? Not sure I'll make it and would like to see it represented somehow (even if only with the games he showed). Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Tim hall versus Pat Mazzillo ended in a draw. Pat missed a win around move 20. Bob Rose also won

Chess Coroner said...

Michael, I attended Steve's lecture & will post on it within the next week or so. I need to make some space on the Checkmate site first.

Chess Coroner said...

Thanks anonymous. I appreciate the info.