Friday, January 18, 2008

#246 Kenilworth Championship - 1st Round

The USCF-rated, 18th 17th Kenilworth Championship got under way last night, with a total of 18 players divided into three six-player double-round-robins.

Although I'm disappointed that nearly half of last year's entrants (10-21) won't be involved, I'm pleased and relieved by the eleventh-hour sign-ups (7, to be exact). They will permit the Championship to be run under the planned format.

Open Section

3-time defending KCC-champ Steve Stoyko, 9-time winner Scott Massey decided not to play this year. So, that makes NM Mark Kernighan and Ari Minkov the favorites.

Both had good starts with the former defeating Don Carrelli and the latter beating Max Sherer. I botched a good position & hung a piece versus Ed Rodda (1537) but he didn't put me out of my misery soon enough and eventually time-forfeited.

U1800 Sections

2007 U1800-victor Justin Roach, Greg Tomkovich and Ed Selling (all 1700+) are sitting this tournament out.

I was too busy with my own problems to see how U1800 split was made but, judging from the pairings & ratings, it should be :
  • Group A : Ian Mangion, Mike Wojcio, Pat Mazzillo, Bert Shiffman, Joe Renna & Gordon Agress
  • Group B : Glen Hart, Joe Demetrick, Ted Mann, Dmitriy Yampolskiy, Jim Cole & one other (didn't get his name)
Ian, Mike and Ted were among the opening round winners (don't know the Cole-Hart result). 4 players (Joe D., Pat, Dmitriy, Joe R.) took byes.

I've uploaded all 3 games from the open section in Java-replay and PGN. The U1800 games & crosstables will follow in a few days.

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