Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#303 Pleasant Surprise

Earlier today, I found out that my USATE win against Steve Jesseph appeared in Sunday's (4/20) Newark Star-Ledger.

Since, I didn't submit the game, I'm doubly-honored that it was published. Unfortunately, wondering which partie was used made this cheap SOB buy the article!

Pete Tamburro was kind enough to say that 37.g4+! was "dandy" + "inspired"; and to not mention that 29.Re6? = was mistaken (29.Rh4 +/- was correct).

But he's wrong about 22.Rfe1 = being a "lapse". It was a fine move that set-up the 24.Nxd5! desperado.

Anyway, this time, he got the names & colors right! :-)

P.S. - I'm having problems uploading diagrams to Blogger at the moment. So, I'll add them to the story and post my notes tomorrow. Also, thanks to Greg Tomkovich for the tip.

4/24, 1:03 p.m. - Still can't upload diagrams but I've posted a java-replay and PGN file with full annotations to the Jesseph game and 2 easier USATE contests.


Michael Goeller said...

Yes, congratulations on the game! Very nice. I meant to alert you to it. I think the week before they published one of Ed Allen's, so the Kenilworth crew is very popular with Pete.

BTW: Re: uploading images:
I recommend you try Google Page Creator:
It gives you quite a bit of storage.

Michael Goeller said...

I no longer recommend doing diagrams at a site like, which seems to have gone belly up. I imagine a lot of folks lost their diagrams at their blogs because of that.

Chess Coroner said...

Thanks for the diagram tips & praise, Michael.

Anonymous said...

congratulations John! I always look at the Star Ledger chess column first thing Sunday morning and it was great to see your game from the USATE.

Jim C.

Chess Coroner said...

Thanks Jim. I thought my other QGX from 'the teams' was better but one-sided. Neither game was clean.

Anonymous said...

First I heard of this game making the Star-Ledger was when I visited the KCC last night.

The game is a great example of how I am always threatening to blunder. Good effort, John.

--Steve J