Saturday, May 03, 2008

#312 Kernighan Wins Ellner Event

Mark Kernighan beat Ian Mangion to win the Irving Ellner Memorial Swiss, Thursday night. Don Carrelli defeated Greg Tomkovich to grab clear 2nd. Pat Mazzillo won against Bill Sokolosky to take third.

My thanks to all for playing and submitting their scoresheets. I also want to apologize for making a big stink about a couple of minor issues.

Here are all 16 games from the event, including the annotated Sokolosky-Renna from round 2, in
java-replay and zipped PGN.


Anonymous said...

I think you should try the Urusov Gambit. It would be good for you...

Anonymous said...

Kernighan's version of what some are now calling "The Tarzan Attack" -- but with the Queen at c1 -- is tough to come up with a name for... The Wimpy Tarzan, perhaps?