Sunday, May 03, 2009

#492 Kernighan Takes Ellner Title

Mark Kernighan continued his run of recent successes with a 3-0 score & 1st-place finish at the Irving Ellner Memorial Swiss in Kenilworth. Ari Minkov & Greg Tomkovich tied for 2nd, with 2.5. Ted Mann & I were next at 2.0.

The event concludes this Thursday (5/7) with Joe Renna & Brian Balint playing to decide the 1 remaining prize :
  • If Joe wins... he gets the U1500 & the U1800 goes to Ted (who is already assured of a prize).
  • If Brian wins or the game is drawn... there's a problematic 5-way tie for 6th place!!
While the TD worries about the latter possibility you can check-out Mark's fine, final round win against me in java-replay or PGN.

after 16...Qa5 =

critical middlegame position

Update : Renna won his last-round game.

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