Thursday, July 09, 2009

#524 GSCL Games - Round 5

I have uploaded a replay page & zipped PGN file with 4 annotated games (including those of Stoyko, Sherer & Sokolosky) from last week's Garden State Chess League finales.

P.S. - Attention fellow blogger Diamondback! As requested, a plain version of my loss was posted as a comment to #522

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Diamondback said...

Thank you Chess Coroner for reposting your game with Josh Hill in unannotated Java Replay form by responding to my comments and requests about doing this that were left on your post #522.

btw, you have a fantastic chess blog which highlights amateur chess players thru your posting of java replay games and pgn file downloads on your local chess club and the GSL in New Jersey, this is something I'm trying to achieve on my own chess blog but it seems I'm always going off on a tangent with some other general chess news posts .....diamondback