Monday, September 14, 2009

#567 Coroner Subs, Goes +10-0=1 In Simul

I was a last-minute sub for Ernie Labate at yesterday's simul in Scotch Plains and yielded just 1 draw in 11 games. Scott Seyffarth, 1 of 3 players to beat Chitra Sridhar on June 27th, was the only opponent to avoid defeat.

Since I am scheduled to give another simul at the same venue on Sunday, November 1st (12 noon-4 p.m., 16 boards, free), the inpromptu display was great practice.

Here's some additional info about my understudy performance :

- I was White on all boards & started each game with 1.Nf3!
- I had to keep score for 7 opponents.
- 2 sore-losing adults didn't submit their scores but I was able to reconstruct them.
- 6 players were lost before move 9 & there was 1 kid who made MANY illegal moves. However...
- The field was stronger than the one I, Greg Tomkovich, Max Sherer & Mike Wojcio went a collective 25-0 against at the Kenilworth Centennial Celebration of 2007.
- Robert Vinson lasted the longest of any player - 46 moves & 1 hour, 55 minutes.

I don't know if I will upload all the games or just those that were competetive. Check-back here tonight or tomorrow.

P.S. - Mr. Labate, who is a spry 86 years old, arrived an hour & 45 minutes late yet still managed to steal the show with some magic tricks; including 1 that involved a lighter & handkerchief!

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