Wednesday, September 08, 2010

#717 Carrelli Wins NJ U1900 Title

KCC President Don Carrelli won the U1900 section at the NJ Championship, which was held in Somerset September 4th thru 6th.

Correspondent Lou Sturniolo reports:

The Kenilworth Chess Club did itself proud this weekend!

Don Carrelli won the Gold (Under 1900 section) outright! Congratulations to him for a stellar performance.

Ian Mangion and Ken Chieu also acquitted themselves well in the Gold section.

Yaacov Norowitz went into the final round a half a point behind Dean Ippolito and drew him to culminate a fine performance and high finish.

Steve Stoyko had his usual strong performance in the Open section, which was even more top heavy with masters than usual. Steve also seems to have enjoyed the fact his beloved Yankees were winning their 8th game in a row.

Joe Renna had to play in a higher section than last year and performed well against much tougher competition.

Yours truly played up (in the Under 1900 section) and, despite warnings of an impending calumny, had the tourney of my life, playing at close to an 1800 level, even with losing a five and a half hour game to fellow Kenilworth member Glen Hart in round 1.

Lou Sturniolo

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