Sunday, December 19, 2010

#738 John Ballow Wins 18th USCCC

John Ballow has clinched 1st place in the 18th U.S. Correspondence Championship. He scored 9.5/14 and did not lose a game. Gary Walters can match the 9.5 but has a loss and would thus lose on tiebreaks.

In a recent email, John wrote "My best game was against Wilson (rated at one time over 2400 USCF). I traded my queen for 3 minor pieces" with 31.Nxe6!!

Here it is:

John Ballow 2355 - Abe Wilson 2200
18th USCCC 2009-10

C92 Ruy Lopez
Closed Defense
Flohr-Zaitsev Variation

PGN of all the completed 18th USCCC games (91 of 105)

Ballow's profile.

ICCF-US press release.

The release states that John started playing cc in 2007 but, as I mentioned in post #733, we played via postal in 1991-92.

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