Friday, July 20, 2012

#1050 Mega Games Post

I have finally gotten around to uploading zip files and replay pages for events of the past 4 months.

Ellner Memorial

7 games, 5 with light notes.
Games From Chess Mates

11 games from the Weeknight & Saturday tournaments in Rahway. Most were gathered from Michael O'Connor's Facebook page.

May Mania

Chess Mates Championship

Contains notes to my 4 games plus 4 scores culled from Jim West On Chess.

Odds and Ends

7 games of mine plus 2 others.

- tournament practice vs. Bob Sherry
- skittles against O'Connor & Jonathan Sherer
- a correspondence win on USCF Game Court
- Westfield Quads games against the Idnani twins

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