Friday, December 21, 2012

#1085 KCC Business Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Kenilworth Chess Club's 2012 Business Meeting:

- The meeting commenced at 8:45 p.m.

- Members in attendance included Don Carrelli, Geoff McAuliffe, Greg Tomkovich, Pat Mazzillo, Lou Sturniolo, Joe Azzarello, Michael Goeller, Mark Kernighan, Howard Osterman, Bert Shiffman, Bob Sherry and John Moldovan.

- Treasurer Geoff McAuliffe announced the club had a profit in 2012 and noted that was primarily because payment for our website wasn't due this year.

- A donation to the Kenilworth Recreation Department was approved.

- Michael Goeller gave a brief report about's traffic and our blogs' high ranking.

- Secretary Moldovan declared that he was too busy to continue being a club officer.

- Don Carrelli was elected President, by a 7-4 vote, over Bob Sherry.

- Joe Renna was re-elected Vice-President, in a narrow 6-5 tally over Sherry.

- After Sherry and Kernighan declined nominations. Ian Mangion was elected Secretary, by acclamation.

- Geoff McAuliffe (Treasurer and Tournament Director) and Michael Goeller (Webmaster) were re-elected to their offices by acclamation.

- Greg Tomkovich was re-elected (by acclamation) to another term (2013-15) as Trustee.

- USATE sponsorship in the amount of one full entry fee ($150?) was approved. Funds will be divided between teams that contain 4 KCC members and use KCC (or Kenilworth) in the team name.

- A 5-round Swiss was chosen as the format for the 2013 Club Championship, by a 7-3 margin over an 8-player Round-Robin.

- The membership then decided, by an emphatic 10-1 count, that the Championship will not be rated.

- The Club Championship will begin on January 10 and run thru February 7th. The time control will G/75;d5 (not the 90+5 of previous years.). February 14th will be reserved as a snow date. The entry fee will remain dues + $10 + $5 anti-forfeit deposit ($30 for most players).

- Finally, regarding the Garden State Chess League...

  • The Kortchnois' players in attendance chose to play their January match at the Kenilworth Community Center, not at Rutgers University.

  • The Karpovs' acting Captain (Moldovan) revealed that the team needed another player for the January 7th match in West Orange.

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The KEC Master said...

The team fee is $160 according to the NJSCF Website. - Kevin