Thursday, June 13, 2013

#1116 NED-USA Match: 2 Draws For Me

This morning I drew my games on board 8 of the Netherlands-USA correspondence match:

John Moldovan 2307 - Rein D.J. Thierry 2306
D35 Queen's Gambit

I could not get any advantage from the opening and neither side wanted to take any chances in the middlegame.

Thierry - Moldovan
C06 French Defense

Not a single original move was played, as we followed Toenisson - Siigur : correspondence, ICCF 2010 through White's 35th turn. Perhaps White could have improved with 22.Qd1 Ne4 23.Bc2 Qa6 24.Bxe4! (N) dxe4 25.Qb3+.

PGN of the 2 games above
PGN of all 128 NED-USA games

The Dutch now lead the 64-board match 11.5-6.5.

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