Tuesday, September 12, 2006

#1 Introduction

Hi Chess Fans. I’m John Moldovan, a correspondence-chess expert (USCF 2120) and contributor to the Checkmate Chess Club site. As noted above, my blog will primarily feature annotated games but reports on local events & clubs will appear from time to time. Thanks to Michael Goeller, author of The Kenilworthian & the Kenilworth Chess Club webmaster, for his encouragement and this opportunity.

P.S. - I hope NBC, Universal, Glen A. Larson Productions and Jack Klugman don’t sue for copyright infringement!

1 comment:

Michael Goeller said...

Don't worry: the image is public domain since it was a publicity photo to promote the series. It is widely available on the net... Besides, we have modified it in an amusing way, so it would be protected as satire....

Glad to see you posting, John! I'll put up links to your site ASAP.