Friday, September 22, 2006

#6 Bartell brillancy in D.C.

Before the start of last night’s match, folks at the Holmdel CC raved about Tom Bartell’s Atlantic Open win against Larry Kaufman but they didn’t have the full score. Luckily, I found it in a recent The Week In Chess issue (#617).

Tom’s effort deserved all the praise it has & will continue to receive but Kaufman could have kept the upper hand by declining the 1st sac (15...b5) & avoided a trip to my morgue by refusing the 2nd offer (16...Nxd5!). Once the following position was reached, White was lost :

Black to play & win

Here’s the Java replay & PGN for you.


Michael Goeller said...

Thanks for posting that game. Wow! Sent you some pics from the event.

Anonymous said...

Whatgame! KI for ever!