Tuesday, October 10, 2006

#17 Handicap Tournament - round 3

Week 3 wasn’t much different than the 2nd as Bob Sherry & I again won the only games. My match was even after 20 moves but my opponent self-destructed. Sherry was even luckier as his foe missed a rather obvious winning combo :

Sherry - Minkov
Black to play & win
Here are all the games thus far, in Java-replay & a zipped .cbv file plus a crosstable. The event concludes next Sunday.


Chess Coroner said...

Sorry, folks. I can't get the Java replay for the round 3 games to work. I'll try to repair the problem & re-upload in a few days.

Chess Coroner said...

The replay has been fixed. Phone & internet are finally working again, after 6 & a half days.