Friday, January 26, 2007

#62 Kenilworth Championship - Round 3

Open Section

FM Steve Stoyko (3.0) maintained his lead, with a win over Ziggy Bliznikas. NM Mark Kernighan (2.0) kept pace by beating me (see below) & NM Scott Massey (1.5) did likewise against Tom Polese.

The cream is rising to the top of this group but, with two Master vs. Master games on the horizon (Massey-Stoyko & Kernighan-Massey), one of the also-rans could close the 3rd-4th place gap.

Kernighan - Moldovan
before 19...f5??

U1800 Section

Greg Tomkovich, Ed Selling, Joe Demetrick & Ted Mann (3.0) stayed in a 4-way deadlock for the U1800 lead & now hold a full point lead over their nearest rival, Mike Wojcio (2.0).

Jevon O'Neal became the 15th entry in this section & had a successful debut.

I have just one score at this point but hope to get the others in the coming days. For now, you can

- Play through & download Mark's victory...

- Check out the Open & U1800 cross-tables.

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