Friday, February 16, 2007

#78 Kenilworth Championship - Round 6

Open Section

Tom Polese (2.0) moved into 3rd place via a forfeit win. FM Steve Stoyko (4.0 from 4) & NM Mark Kernighan (4.0/5), who were idle because their slated opponents took byes, remain tied for 1st.

U1800 Section

Ed Selling (6.0) maintained his lead with a win over Harry Smith. Joe Demetrick (5.0/5) & Ted Mann (5.0/6) won their respective games (vs. Jevon O'Neal & Pat Mazzillo) to stay knotted for 2nd but Greg Tomkovich (4.0/5) lost to Justin Roach (3.5/4) & dropped to 4th.

Bill Sokolosky (3.5/6) beat Bert Shiffman to extend his U1500 lead & is now =5th-6th overall. Joe Renna notched his first win against Gordon Agress :

Renna - Agress
after 31...g5?

White to win

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