Friday, February 23, 2007

#83 Kenilworth Championship - Round 7

Open Section

NM Scott Massey withdrew from the tournament &, because he had not played half the schedule, his results were erased. Thus, the night started with FM Steve Stoyko having a 1 point lead over NM Mark Kernighan (instead of being tied) & Tom Polese holding 3rd place by a full point (rather than a half).

As for the games, Stoyko (5.0) beat Polese (2.0) on the White side of a Sicilian/King's Indian Attack & increased his margin to 1.5 points as Kernighan (3.5) barely escaped with a draw against this reporter. Only my ineptitude & 9th inning jitters allowed him to do so :

Moldovan - Kernighan
after 61...Ke5

White to win

U1800 Section

There were three no shows in this group which means that the end of this tournament is extended yet another week. It is now scheduled to end May 3rd & finish 6 weeks after the Open Section does.

Joe Demetrick (6.0 from 6) put away Pat Mazzillo's Petrov to join idle Ed Selling (6.0/6) at the top. Greg Tomkovich (5.0/6) defeated Jim Cole in a Q's Gambit to tie Ted Mann (5.0/7) for 3rd. Mike Wojcio (4.0/6) bested Harry Smith's Sicilian to move into 5th.

Bill Sokolosky (3.5/7) lost to Gordon Agress (who notched his 1st win) & saw his U1500 lead cut to just a half-point as Bert Shiffman (3.0/7) won against Mann.

Here's the 7th round Open section games, including my annotated draw, in
Java replay & PGN. The U1800 games will follow in a few days.

Open Section crosstable
U1800 crosstable (in standings order)
U1800 crosstable (with color assignments)
Round by Round results

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