Friday, March 16, 2007

#102 Kenilworth Championship - Round 10

Open Section

In the only game last night, 2007 KCCC Champ Steve Stoyko defeated Ziggy Bliznikas on the Black side of a Colle System.

The 3-way battle for 3rd place continues next week with Tom Polese (2.0/7) playing John Moldovan (1.5/6) & Bliznikas (1.0/6) facing NM Mark Kernighan (5.0/7).

Moldovan-Bliznikas will wrap-up this section on March 29th.

U1800 Section

Greg Tomkovich (8.0/9) took over the top spot with a victory over Gordon Agress. Joe Demetrick (7.5/8) moved up to 2nd with a fortunate win over Ted Mann. Idle Ed Selling (7.0/7) to fell 3rd. Justin Roach (6.5/7) stayed within striking distance by beating Bill Sokolosky. Mike Wojcio (5.0/7) joined Mann (5.0/9) in 5th place.

Joe Renna (3.0/7) still has a half-point lead over Sokolosky (2.5/9) in the U1500 (or is it U1400?) hunt. Pat Mazzillo & Jim Cole won their 1st games.

Here's Steve's win in
Java replay & zipped PGN. The 10th round U1800 games will follow in a few days.

Open Section crosstable
U1800 crosstable (in standings order)
U1800 crosstable (with color assignments)
Round by Round results

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