Friday, March 30, 2007

#111 Kenilworth Championship - Round 12

Open Section

Mark Kernighan beat Ziggy Bliznikas last night to end the latter's 3rd place bid & effectively end the event. Bliznikas & I were to play next week but we've already agreed to a draw.

So the final standings should be :

1. Stoyko 7.5
. Kernighan 6.0
3. Moldovan 2.5
Polese 2.5
5. Bliznikas 1.5

Tom won the head to head battle 1.5-0.5 while I had the better tie-break (6.50-5.25) & a voided half-point from my opening-round draw with NM Scott Massey.

With no 3rd-place trophy, why would either of us want to bother with a G/30 playoff?

U1800 Section

Tomkovich (10.0/11) beat Ed Selling (7.0/9) and moved into the driver's seat when Joe Demetrick (8.5/10) defeated Justin Roach (7.5/9). Mike Wojcio (7.0/9) stayed hot & moved up to =4th with a win vs. Ted Mann (6.0/11).

With some 3 weeks to go, it's still a 5-sided contest but Selling, who has Demetrick, Roach & Wojcio left to play, may withdraw.

In the U1400 race, Joe Renna (4.0/9) won against Bert Shiffman (2.0/11) and still leads. Harry Smith (3.5/11), who got off to a very slow start with 1 out of 7, made Bill Sokolosky (2.5/11) his 3rd straight victim.

Pat Mazzillo (2.5/10) was idle as both of his remaining opponents, Gordon Agress (2.0/8) & Jim Cole (1.5/9) took byes.

Here are the revised

Open Section crosstable
U1800 crosstable (in standings order)
U1800 crosstable (with color assignments)
Round by Round results

The 12th round games will follow in a few days.

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