Sunday, December 02, 2007

#229 French Lecture - Part 5

Steve Stoyko's Tarrasch French lecture, scheduled for this week, actually took place this past Thursday (11/29)!

I planned to skip the Kenilworth meeting and would have missed out if not for Bert Shiffman; who gave me a ride from the Maplewood CC and an enlightening Escarole Soup idea (His wife adds slices of pepperoni!).

Anyway for those of you who missed the Tarrasch talk,
here are 4 of the illustrated games in java-replay. Steve's wins over Alvarez, Grasso (Roselle-KCC, 2005) and Minkov (KCC Ch., 2006), which were previously posted by The Kenilworthian, are in the 7-game zipped PGN file I uploaded.

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