Saturday, December 22, 2007

#234 Business Meeting

The business meeting originally scheduled for 12/13 and re-scheduled for 12/27, ended up being held before our annual holiday party this past Thursday (12/20) because some people could not attend on the 27th & most members were sure to be at the party.

As usual, the most hotly-debated item on the agenda was the Club Championship format. Surprisingly, for the first time in some 16 years (according to KCC President-emeritus Mike Wojcio), it will be USCF-rated!

That decision, which was made by the slimmest of margins (maybe a 2/3rds majority should've been required) may discourage several prominent Kenilworth players (I hope not) but folks from some other local clubs could join us.

With the disclosure of how much was spent on last year's awards and the need to set aside money for USCF-rating, we then voted to spend 60% of entry fees on trophies. This measure along with the $5 increase in dues (which will now be $20/year) should add some $250 to the club's coffers.

A slight change in the our USATE makeup & sponsorship was also made. Each player on the squads will have to be a KCC member (2 of the 13 players from last year were not) and a $12 per board reimbursement (I proposed $10) will be given whether we have 1, 2 or 3 teams entered. The bottom line is that if we only enter 2 teams (there will likely be 3), we'd be shelling out just $96 rather than $140.

As for the officer elections, Greg Tomkovich and Geoff McAuliffe retained their Vice-President and Treasurer roles... Joe Renna was named Secretary... Mark Kernighan earned Member-at-Large status (other MAL listed here) ... Michael Goeller was officially named Webmaster... and, despite there being several others worthy of the honor (including the aforementioned group), I was tabbed to fill the President's shoes.

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