Saturday, January 26, 2008

#254 U1800 Games, Notes & Crosstables

Three of Thursday's U1800 games at Kenilworth have been uploaded.

Special thanks to TD Geoff McAuliffe who "fritzed" them and Rodda-Kernighan while I was
making the Open, U1800-A, U1800-B tables and taking care of my game vs. Sherer.

You can play thru all the available 2nd round games
here or download them.

Update : Fritz's annotations to Carrelli-Minkov posted 1/28 @ 12:40 p.m. If I get a chance, I'll remove some of the program's stupid opening comments (like better is 2...Bf5, 4...Nc6) &
add my 2 cents worth.

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Anonymous said...

The annotation are great! Thanks John. I'll send our TD a friendly reminder to make and post the pairings for the 3rd round. Maybe, the other Open players can do the same.