Saturday, July 19, 2008

#349 KST 2008 - Round 7

Because of the Emergency Business Meeting on Thursday, there were just 4 games played in the Kenilworth Summer Tourney this week :
  • Cavaliere 1/2 Moldovan
  • Moldovan 1/2 Cavaliere
  • Mangion 1/2 Kernighan
  • Shiffman 0-1 Sokolosky
So, at the moment, I have a half-point lead over Ian Mangion. NM Mark Kernighan is 2 points back.

Here are the full, up-to-date standings plus the evening's action (all 4 games annotated) in Java-replay and PGN.

Moldovan - Cavaliere
after 37...d4??

White to win

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