Wednesday, July 30, 2008

#355 Correspondence Database Errors

ChessBase's Corr Database 2009, MegaCorr4 and the 15th USCCC Preliminaries file have errors in two of my games :

  • Moldovan-Kremen is given without result but my foe resigned at move 21 (on November 6th, 2000) before withdrawing due to illness.
Before 20...Nxb4??

  • In Pitter-Moldovan, White did not play 40.g3. He sent 40.f4 (on June 5th, 2001). Thus, 43...Qxd6 and 44.Qc8 weren't blunders.

After 13.Nc4?

Black to play

For your perusal & download, here are the corrected contests (my best of the event), sans notes, in Java-replay and PGN.

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