Friday, January 23, 2009

#434 Kenilworth Championship - Round 2

Yaacov Norowitz, Ari Minkov, Don Carrelli & this blogger lead after 2 rounds of the Kenilworth CC Championship.

My co-leaders respectively defeated Ziggy Bliznikas, Ian Mangion & Rich Buschgans while I won against NM Mark Kernighan.

Here are...

The current standings
(pending the result of McCorkell-Schwarcz, which was postponed) :

=1-4. Norowitz, Minkov, Moldovan, Carrelli 2.0

=5-6. Stoyko, Hart 1.5

= 7-18. Kernighan, Buschgans, Bliznikas, Mangion, Lewis, Tomkovich, Sherer, Wojcio, Mann, Mazzillo, Zhu, Sturniolo 1.0

=19-22 Schwarcz, McCorkell, Kiedes, Azzarello 0.5

=23-26. Shiffman, Renna, Agress, Cole 0.0

... plus 4 of last night's games in Java-replay & PGN.

I'll post the other 8 + notes in a few days. TD Geoff McAuliffe will be doing the bulk of the annotations this week.

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