Wednesday, February 04, 2009

#444 Checkmate Championship - Round 3

Mark Kernighan avenged his Jan. 29th KCCC loss by smashing my ill-prepared English... Ari Minkov handed Leon Wu his 1st loss... & Ted Mann time-forfeited in a winning position vs. Bob Sherry.

Joe Renna, Joe Azzarello, Bert Shiffman took byes to watch the Super Bowl... Opponent-less Don Carrelli received a free point.

Here are the :

updated standings

1. Kernighan 3.0
= 2-4. Minkov, Sherry, Moldovan 2.0
= 5-6.Carrelli, Wu 1.5
=7-9. Mann,Renna, Azzarello 1.0
10. Shiffman 0.5

...& the most-recent games in java-replay & PGN. Light annotations to my loss. Notes to the others will have to wait.

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