Saturday, February 07, 2009

#446 Kenilworth Championship - Round 4

NM Yaacov Norowitz clinched a 1st place tie by beating me in a rather one-sided game. I was equal after 14 moves but made errors on the next 2 turns, lost a pawn & couldn't hold.

Steve Stoyko, Mark Schwarcz & Ziggy Bliznikas stayed in the hunt with victories over Ian Mangion, Lou Sturniolo & Pat Mazzillo.

However, defending champion Mark Kernighan's chance for a 2nd-straight crown ended when he dropped a piece in a time-scramble against Don Carrelli & had to settle for a draw. Ari Minkov also missed a shot at the top-prize by yielding a half-point to Richard Lewis.

In the other games : Rich Buschgans, Max Sherer, Mike Wojcio, Joe Renna & Gordon Agress won. Greg Tomkovich & Ted Mann drew.

Jack Mc Corkell took another bye due to illness but he has not been given a half-point bye for round 4; as yet.

With 1 round remaining, the overall standings look this way :

1. Norowitz 4.0
= 2-5. Stoyko, Schwarcz, Bliznikas, Moldovan 3.0
= 6-11. Kernighan, Minkov, Buschgans, Carrelli, Lewis, Sherer 2.5
= 12-16. Mangion, Wojcio, Mazzillo, Sturniolo, Renna 2.0
= 17-20. Tomkovich, Hart, Mann, Kiedes 1.5
= 21-23. Shiffman, Agress, Zhu (wd) 1.0
= 24-25. Mc Corkell, Azzarello 0.5
26. Cole 0.0

Trophies for best game & biggest upset were added to the prize list.

The current class leaders are :
  • U2000 - Schwarcz, Bliznikas & Moldovan 3.0
  • U1800 - Carrelli, Lewis & Sherer 2.5
  • U1600 - Mazzillo, Sturniolo & Renna 2.0
  • U1400 - Sturniolo & Renna 2.0
If there is a 2-way tie for 1st overall, a G/60 playoff will be held. The potential for a 4-way knot exists. Tiebreaks for that scenario & others must be determined.

Finally, to wrap this post, here are 4 of the week's games (2 annotated) in
java-replay & PGN.

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