Tuesday, May 26, 2009

#501 Checkmate Knockout - Round 3

Bob Sherry eliminated Bert Shiffman on Sunday & will have the White pieces against me in round 4; as he did in round 2.

The readers are welcome to suggest a defense vs. my foe's anticipated 1.e4. I've used 8 different lines against him in my last 9 games with Black & am running out of ideas!


Michael Goeller said...

Make him play on his own resources: use the Retreat Variation or Brooklyn Defense. And I suggest you avoid the complicated 3...d6 lines but choose instead 3...d5! which seems more your style.

Lou Sturniolo said...

Play the Najdorf Sicilian. It has been adopted by such notable players as Fischer, Spassky, Tal, and Sturniolo.

Don't play the French. Your opponent may play the Millner Barry, which is almost a forced win for white.

Chess Coroner said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm considering the Brooklyn Defense but so far it seems to be a tempo-down Advance French or Caro-Kann. Maybe a Gurgenidze System would be better but he's seen that several times already.

As for the Najdorf, I tried it once & was dead-lost after 12 moves! Replay at http://www.kenilworthchessclub.org/chesscoroner/miscellaneous/najdorf_test_2006.htm

Keep the ideas coming everyone. Maybe I'll use them in the Summer Tournament or try them elsewhere & report back to you.

We need a name for this possible gimmick. How does Under The Knife sound?