Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#547 STC Championship Semis - Round 7

I badly misplayed the opening to middlegame transition in a Milner-Barry Nimzo-Indian (much as I did against Kernighan in March) & lost a rematch with Haim Pilosof.

Here are the rotten details in Java-replay & PGN.

We really shouldn't have been paired again as I had yet to face 2 other players & was due a full-point bye in round 7, 8 or 9. Here is the protest letter I posted in the game forum :

From jpmoldovan at 2009-08-17 12:24:58:

Mr. Tournament Director,

I believe this pairing to be incorrect because HaimPilosof & I have already played.I also want to note that :

- None of the 6 remaining "they've never played each other" pairings were addressed & all of the 7th round match-ups are repeats.
- A player is receiving a 2nd full-point bye when there are 3 players who haven't gotten one.
- I should be facing chessforlove & gotleib & getting a full-point bye in round 8 or 9.

The following 7th round pairings, would have been more logical : HaimPilosof-BrianWood, jpmoldovan-chessforlove; gotleib-jps7; oswald137 1/2-point bye.

I don't expect any change & will negotiate with Haim but I felt it necessary to voice my opinion first.

The 2100-rated Pilosof, who has conspicuously made just 1 mistake in 6 games, now leads by 1 point but I am still in clear 2nd. Does that mean we'll be paired again in round 8?? I doubt it. That would be consistent!

Update 8/21 @ 8:55 a.m. - Revised notes made to my game (1 variation removed, other minor changes) & jps7-oswald137 game added.

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