Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#646 Extended Hiatus Forthcoming

Following a report on the April 1st GSCL matches, I'm shelving the Chess Coroner for at least 4 weeks. At this point, I have no damned idea where it's headed : Blogspot, WordPress or bye-bye.

The Blogger-forced move, the lack of a significant audience and a lingering desire to finally achieve an ICCF Master-rating (+ other things) have me, at the moment, leaning away for good but a long holiday may, once again, re-charge my batteries, keep me away from correspondence chess (the only vice Mikhail Tal didn't partake in!) and bring me back here.

As for my other blogs, the Checkmate site will be finished & turned over to a new administrator ASAP while the Garden State site will return in September; league & future employer permitting.

Garden State link fixed 3/22.

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