Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#669 Ellner Memorial - Round 1

Mark Kernighan (2245), David Pawlowski (1786), Greg Tomkovich (1681), Mike Wojcio (1600) & Ted Mann (1485) lead the 3rd Irving Ellner Memorial Swiss after 1 round of play.

Ted's win came in a double Rook ending against 2193-rated Ken Chieu, who recently defeated IM Dean Ippolito & drew a GM. The 708-point upset may well be the biggest in Kenilworth CC history!

Chieu - Mann
After 13.Rd1??

Black to win

However, Greg's victory versus Pat Mazzillo, which featured a spectacular Bishop sac on f7, was far more impressive:

after 17...Nd3

White to win

1st Round Results:

Sturniolo 0-1 Kernighan
Chieu 0-1 Mann
Agress 0-1 Pawlowski
Tomkovich 1-0 Mazzillo
Shiffman 0-1 Wojcio 

Here are all 5 games in Java-replay & zipped PGN

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