Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#678 All-Army Championship - Day 2

According to Monroi.com, Arthur Macaspac scored 1.5/2 yesterday and is now tied for 3rd place, a full point behind leader Nathaniel Rockhill and a half-point in back of Jhonel Baniel.

Macaspac appeared to have large winning advantage in the 4th round but I don't know what happened after 27.exd6. The replay (see R4-B2 below), scoresheet and original PGN crap-out with the illegal 33.Ke2 :-(

Arthur's Games

B23 Sicilian Defense
Grand Prix System

A13 English Opening
Reti System
PGN from rounds 3 and 4

Correction - As suspected, Monroi had Arthur's round 4 result wrong! He won and ended the day tied for 2nd.

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