Friday, January 21, 2011

#761 Kenilworth Championship - Round 2

It was odd night with a dead atmosphere. The tables weren't where they usually are. There were just a couple of kibitzers. Players who finished early didn't bother to hang-around. Upsets failed to generate even the slightest buzz and there were no post-mortems.

In the Battle Of The Bloggers, I neutralized The Kenilworthian's Labourdonnais Attack and managed to draw but played poorly from move 13 onward.

2nd round pairings and results:
  1. Kernighan 1-0 Chen
  2. Sherer 0-1 Chieu
  3. Goeller 1/2-1/2 Moldovan
  4. Hart 0-1 Mangion
  5. Tomkovich 1-0 Mazzillo
  6. Sturniolo 0-1 McAuliffe
  7. Mann 0-1 Agress
  8. Shiffman 1-0 Komunicky (forfeit)
Joe Demetrick and Don Carrelli received 1/2-point byes. Joe Renna received a full-point bye.


Current standings:

= 1-3. Kernighan, Chieu, Mangion 2.0
= 4-6. Goeller, Carrelli (wd), Moldovan
= 7-14. Chen, Sherer, Hart, Tomkovich, McAuliffe, Agress, Shiffman, Renna 1.0
= 15-16. Demetrick, Mazzillo 0.5
= 17-19. Mann, Komunicky, Sturniolo 0.0 

Current prize leaders: 

1st, 2nd, 3rd - 3 players with 2.0
U2050 - Goeller, Moldovan 1.5
U1800 - Chen, Sherer, Hart, Tomkovich, McAuliffe 1.0
U1600 - Agress 1.0
U1400 - Shiffman, Renna 1.0

A crosstable and 3rd round pairings will follow.


The KEC Master said...

The final game had an interesting opposite-color bishop ending.

Chess Coroner said...


Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the Sturniolo-McAuliffe opposite Bs game. Hopefully one of the players will submit it.