Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#762 Kenilworth Ch. - 3rd Round Pairings

Here are the 3rd round pairings, by board (w-b):

1. Chieu-Kernighan
2. Mangion-Goeller
3. Chen-Moldovan
4. McAuliffe-Sherer
5. Agress-Hart
6. Tomkovich-Renna
7. Shiffman-Demetrick
8. Mazzillo-Mann

Carrelli withdrew
Komunicky removed (did not contact TD after forfeiting)

1 point bye to Sturniolo

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Unknown said...

Hi John:

I need a 1/2 point bye tomorrow night (Thursday, January 27th) for work reasons.(I was laid-ff recently and I have a networking opportunity to speak before an industry group that I shouldn't pass up.) Because of the lay-off I have lost all of my contacts and I don't have anyone's e-mail address or phone number. If you get this message can you put me in touch with Geoff. My e-mail address is Thanks!