Tuesday, February 01, 2011

#767 U.S. Trails Ukraine 14-4

Team USA dropped 5 games to the Ukraine in January, drew 6, and now trails 14-4. However, we finally have some winning positions (2) and should soon bottom-out at -13.

My games, which ChessBase 11 claims are among those with the least theoretical weight (bottom 6 of 128!!), are at moves 13 and 12. I've used 5 days in the Maroczy Bind and 1 in the Tarrasch French while my opponent, Vladyslav Tiba, has has used 31 and 39 days, respectively.
Btw, Tiba, who now has a FIDE-rating of 2127, is currently playing in the otb Mukachevo Cup (that would partially explain his 16 days w/o a reply) where, in round 2, he followed our game 'A' until Vasily Guivan varied with 6.g3.

  • CBV archive of the 18 finished games, arranged chronologically. ECO codes, opening headers, novelty annotation, end dates and match scores added. Time stamps removed.
  • PGN file of all the UKR-USA games, in board order, with 5-move delay. Timestamped. No ECO codes.

In other matches, the U.S. is ahead of Argentina (2.5-0.5) and behind Italy (5-1).

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