Sunday, February 06, 2011

#772 Correspondence Updates

My opponent in ICCF FM/1194, Jonathan Gresham, time-forfeited in both games. He had not moved since Dec. 28th. See post #749 for the plain PGN and the replay links. Annotated versions will follow rather quickly since I've been writing along the way. I just need to edit-out some excess analysis.

In the UKR-USA match, my original opponent, Vladyslav Tiba (aka Chiba), is being replaced and I am not happy about it. IMO, his board should be forfeited. Upon resumption I may just offer a pair of draws, instead of being party to the tag-team farce.

Btw, Peter Radomskyj lost one of his games and we now trail 18-6.

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