Wednesday, March 09, 2011

#793 KCC Gauntlet Starts Tomorrow

The Kenilworth Gauntlet, an unrated, 4-round, modified knockout tournament, starts tomorrow night and runs through March 31st.

In each round, you will play two games against your opponent, one with each color.
The time control is 25+5 (increment, not delay) except for Armageddon tie-break games in the knock-out sections.

If a increment-capable clock is not available or cannot be set, delay may be used.

Entry Fee: $5.00

Prizes: 50% to 1st (final winner), 30% to 2nd (final loser), 20% to 3rd (wild card winner).

Each player must keep score until he has less than 5 minutes left.

A player who is not present within 15 minutes of a round’s start shall forfeit that game.

Late joins will be allowed until the pairings for round 2 are made. Players who late-join will receive 1 point and be placed in the Wild Card section.

Full rules are here.

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