Friday, March 11, 2011

#794 Kenilworth Gauntlet - Round 1

Knockout Section

Don Carrelli, Dr. Richard Lewis, Max Sherer & I won by 2-0 scores and advanced to round 2.

Chris Curran (who nearly forced me into an Armageddon Game), Greg Tomkovich, Ted Mann and Joe Renna were relegated to the Wild Card Section.

Standings, going into round 2:
=1. Carrelli, Moldovan, Lewis, Sherer 2.0

2nd round pairings: Carrelli-Sherer, Lewis-Moldovan

Since there is only 1 KO group, this section will play 3 rounds instead of 4. The winners will be given the option of playing the final round over 2 weeks instead of having to play 2-3 games in 1 night.

Wild Card Section

In the only match, Joe Azzarello swept young Bart Lahiff (628).

Standings, going into round 2:
1. Azzarello 2.0
=2-6. Tomkovich, Mann, Curran, Renna, Lahiff 0.0

Preliminary 2nd round pairings: Azzarello-Tomkovich, Renna-Mann, Curran-Lahiff

Late joins (in multiples of 2) will be accepted until 8 p.m. EDT on Tuesday 3/15. Finalized WC pairings will be issued then.

PGN linked fixed 3/26 @12:05 p.m.

Prizes, based on the 10 current entries:
$25 for the KO section winner, $15 for the KO runner-up, $10 for the Wild Card winner.

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