Saturday, July 09, 2011

#864 Summer Tourney - Round 5

Open Section

Mark Kernighan defeated Michael Goeller to re-claim a clear lead. I fell back by missing 3 wins against Don Carrelli.

Praveen Balakrishnan, Bert Shiffman & Joe Renna won to join Greg Tomkovich in 3rd place. Don's draw made it a 5-way jam.

Ted Mann had the evening's other victory. Ian Mangion, Lou Sturniolo & Geoff McAuliffe notched half-points.


Goeller 0-1 Kernighan
Balakrishnan 1/2-1/2 Mangion
Renna 0-1 Balakrishnan
Moldovan 1/2-1/2 Carrelli (annotated)
Renna 1-0 Tomkovich
Sturniolo 1/2-1/2 McAuliffe
Constantino 0-1 Mann
Shiffman 1-0 Mazzillo


1. Kernighan 4.5
2. Moldovan 4.0
=3-7. Balakrishnan, Carrelli, Tomkovich, Shiffman, Renna 3.0
=8-9. Mangion, McAuliffe 2.5
=10-11. Sturniolo, Gadgil 1.5
=12-17. Goeller, Chen, Sherer, Mann, Mazzillo, Reinoso 1.0
=18-20. Liesch, Burnett, Constantino 0.5
=21-24. Stoyko, Hart, Demetrick, Kiedes 0.0

after 33...Ba4?
White to win

U1200 Section

Andy Altamirano remained unbeaten by winning a pair of games and is now a perfect 7-0. Aleksey Senyatkin also had 2 victories while Leticia Sefia and Joe Azzarello each had 1.

Azzarello 0-1 Andy A.
Antonio A. 0-1 Senyatkin
P. Sefia 0-1 L. Sefia  correction
L. Sefia 0-1 Andy A.
Senyatkin 1-0 P. Sefia
Matta 0-1 Azzarello
Sturniolo 1-0 Antonio A.

Sturniolo played as a filler. His win will not be counted. 


1. Andy Altamirano 7.0
2. L. Sefia 4.0
3. Senyatkin 3.5
4. Azzarello 3.0
5. Antonio Altamirano 2.0
6. P. Sefia 1.0
=7-8. Matta, Ruales 0.0


In case anyone is wondering... Why have so few games from this event have been posted? It is chiefly because the club ran-out of carbonless scoresheets and chose not to buy more of them. Your KST games are still welcome! All we ask is that you supply the copy.

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