Sunday, July 17, 2011

#867 Summer Tourney - Round 6

Open Section

Mark Kernighan drew Kevin Chen while I scored an extremely ugly, very undeserved win against Ted Mann. So, once again, there's a tie at the top.

Greg Tomkovich took sole possession of 3rd place by splitting a point with Geoff McAuliffe.

Michael Goeller, Joe Demetrick, Steve Liesch and Chris Constantino also had victories.


Mann 0-1 Moldovan (annotated)
Renna 0-1 Demetrick
Mazzillo 0-1 Liesch
McAuliffe 1/2-1/2 Tomkovich
Constantino 1-0 Burnett


=1-2. Kernighan, Moldovan 5.0
3. Tomkovich 3.5
=4-8. Balakrishnan, Carrelli, McAuliffe, Shiffman, Renna 3.0
9. Mangion 2.5
10. Goeller 2.0
=11-15. Chen, Liesch, Sturniolo, Gadgil, Constantino 1.5
=16-20. Sherer, Demetrick, Mann, Mazzillo, Reinoso 1.0
21. Burnett 0.5
=22-24. Stoyko, Hart, Kiedes 0.0

after 11...Bf5??
White to win

U1200 Section

Andy Altamirano's winning streak came to an end as he traded victories with Aleksey Senyatkin.

Joe Azzarello won twice while Leticia Sefia and Paula Sofia did so once.

Andy A. 1-0 Senyatkin
Senyatkin 1-0 Andy A.
Azzarello 1-0 Antonio A.
Antonio A. 0-1 Azzarello
L. Sefia 1-0 P. Sefia
P. Sefia 1-0 Ruales
L. Sefia 0-1 Sturniolo

Sturniolo played as a filler. His win will not be counted. 


1. Andy Altamirano 8.0
=2-3. L. Sefia, Azzarello 5.0
4. Senyatkin 4.5
=5-6. Antonio Altamirano, P.Sefia 2.0
=7-8. Matta, Ruales 0.0

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