Friday, December 23, 2011

#935 Business Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Kenilworth Chess Club's 2011 Business Meeting:

- The business meeting was delayed for 30 minutes, until at least half of the membership (required by rule) was present. The meeting commenced at 8:45 p.m.

- Members in attendance included Joe Renna, Geoff McAuliffe, Greg Tomkovich, Pat Mazzillo, Lou Sturniolo, Mark Kernighan, Jack McCorkell, Ted Mann, Joe Azzarello, Bert Shiffman, Kevin Chen, Ziggy Bliznikas, Bob Sherry and John Moldovan.
- The following officers were elected by acclamation:
  • President: Ian Mangion
  • Vice President: Joe Renna
  • Treasurer and Tournament Director: Geoff McAuliffe
  • Secretary: John Moldovan
- Greg Tomkovich was re-elected (by acclamation) to another term as Trustee.

- USATE sponsorship in the amount of one full entry fee ($145?) was approved. Funds will be divided between teams that contain 4 KCC members and use KCC (or Kenilworth) in the team name.

- The 2012 Club Championship will be USCF-rated but will otherwise use the same 5-SS format as 2010. Prizes (trophies and/or cash) will be determined by a vote of those playing, prior to the event.

The swiss format and alternating years of unrated, rated will be reviewed at next year's Business Meeting.

- Preliminary plans for the KCC's 40th Anniversary were announced! There will be a tournament (in the spring), a party in late May, and, hopefully, a picnic (probably mid or late September).

- Treasurer Geoff McAuliffe announced the club had a $49 profit in 2011.

- A donation to the Kenilworth Recreation Department was approved.

- A written change to the Club Constitution, with Trustees replacing Members At Large in the organization structure, will be drafted by Greg Tomkovich and put to a members' vote at the January 12th meeting.

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