Saturday, December 31, 2011

#944 Loose Ends

Over the past four months, I neglected to post 12 games from several events and link to 8 Garden State League games from rounds 1-3.

Belatedly, here they are:

Rahway Quad 8/20/2011

Thanks to Kevin Chen for annotating his 2 wins and accepting my GM draw-offer :-)

Ruy Lopez Thematic 9/15/2011

Thanks to Greg Tomkovich for annotating his loss and not finding a winning Q sac against me :-o

Rahway Quad 11/12/2011

I tied for 1st but missed a win in the last round that would have put me back over 1800 :-(

Garden State Chess League

Round 1:  replay  PGN 

In a 100-mover, my inspired doubled pawn sac in a drawish-looking opposite Bishops ending gave Summit a tie with Newark-McDonalds!

Round 2:  replay  PGN

In Summit's win over Staten Island, I got away with a bad opening and defeated Ed Selling.

Round 3:  replay  PGN

I opened with 1.f4 and got an edge against the Karpovs' Max Sherer but then quickly fell apart.

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