Saturday, April 14, 2012

#1004 Ellner Memorial - Round 1

Here are the results from the 5th Irving Ellner Memorial's opening round, which runs April 12th thru May 24th at the Kenilworth Chess Club:

Mark Kernighan: 1/2 point bye
Aleksey Senyatkin 0-1 Lev Zilbermintz
Michael Goeller 1-0 Lou Sturniolo
Greg Tomkovich 0-1 Ian Mangion
Max Sherer 1-0 Pat Mazzillo
Chris Constantino 0-1 Michael O'Connor
Samritha Palakollu 1/2-1/2 Robert Vinson
Luis Ruales 0-1 Bob Pelican

4 of the above games will follow.

Late-joins will be accepted until the start of round 2.

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