Friday, April 27, 2012

#1016 Fischer Random Wrap-Up

LM Mark Kernighan won the Kenilworth Chess Club's Fischer Random Tournament, which finished on April 5th.

The event was shortened to 3 rounds, due to a shortage of players.

In the final games... Kernighan beat Bob Sherry and Mitesh Shah defeated Geoff McAuliffe (colors and starting position unknown).


1. Kernighan 3.0
= 2-3. Mangion (wd), Shah 2.0
= 4-5. Minkov (wd), Moldovan (wd) 1.5
6. Korn (wd) 1.0
7. Sturniolo (wd) 0.5
= 8-13. Sherry, McAuliffe, Renna (wd), H. Maini (wd), D. Maini (wd), Sims (wd) 0.0

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