Wednesday, March 07, 2007

#97 9th Round Pairings in Kenilworth

I'm interrupting my hiatus to post the pairings for Thursday's 9th Round of the KCCC. I hope the 36 hours notice gives everyone a chance to prepare.

Open Section

Kernighan - Stoyko

Bliznikas - Polese

bye : Moldovan

U1800 Section

Tomkovich - Sokolosky

Roach - Mann

Selling - Shiffman

Demetrick - Renna

Mazzillo - Smith

Cole - Agress

+ O'Neal-Gadgil (if these 2 players are still in the event)

bye : Wojcio


Jim Cole said...

thanks for getting the pairings out John. Good job on the USATE/ratings postings, must have taken a lot of time.

Chess Coroner said...

Sorting through the 1172 names in the USATE table was a pain but I actually spent more time triple-checking that list against the KCC Roster; thinking I had missed someone.