Monday, December 24, 2007

#235 Kenilworth U1200 Team Seeking Board 1

Jim Cole, Joe Renna and Gordon Agress are looking for someone rated between 1165 and 1357 to play first board on their team in the upcoming USATE. If you fall within that range and are willing to join the Kenilworth Chess Club, contact Jim via e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Hi, My son (11 years old from NJ) is rated 1689 in Dec 2007. He is looking for a team to play in USATE 2008. He prefers to play either board 3 or 4 and would like to play all 6 games. If you could please post it in your blog, will be very much thankful. I can be reached at pksivakumar [at] yahoo [dot] com

Chess Coroner said...

Folks, I don't want to use this space as a clearinghouse for USATE requests and suggest that they be made on the NJSCF Message Boards ( which are more widely read than my blog, anyway.