Friday, February 01, 2008

#259 Kenilworth Championship - Round 3

Open Section

NM Mark Kernighan beat Max Sherer to take a half-point lead. Ari Minkov overcame 4 lost positions against me and swindled a draw but he missed 2 wins along the way (turns 36 & 37). Ed Rodda, who was a no-show, forfeited to Don Carrelli.

after 20...Kg8

White to win

U1800 Sections

Division leaders Ian Mangion (who already has a 2 point margin) & Glen Hart took their 3rd-straight games but there were 2 big upsets. Joe Renna (1164) beat the A group's #2 seed, Mike Wojcio (1621) & young Kris Lim (1050) held the 'B' group's #1 seed Justin Roach (1711) to a draw! Joe Demetrick also won.

Here are the crosstables for the Open, U1800-A & U1800-B sections.

You can play thru my fully annotated game
here or download it. The rest should follow in a few days.

Agress-Mangion & Renna-Wojcio added 2/4 at 1:40 a.m.

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